Music is the silver lining that unites us all. My biggest hope is that my music resonates with people and helps them feel less alone.” - Sarah Belle


Meet Sarah Belle

Sarah Belle’s gift for language and melody has earned her a reputation as one of this generation’s most promising young songwriters. A native of Richmond, VA, she spent years honing her craft, writing for other artists before stepping into the spotlight with her first releases in early 2022. Since then, she has been steadily building momentum, attracting enthusiastic new fans with every release. Her debut EP, ‘Say You Love Me,’ which is set to release in the Fall, showcases everything that makes her so special - the diary-like lyricism, intricate productions, and instantly memorable hooks combine to create pop music perfection. Above all, Sarah hopes her music will have a meaningful impact on her audiences’ lives

michael jackson's former publishing president names sarah belle top songwriter for 2nd time