1. Your Ghost


Laying on a tile floor
For my old self I mourn
In rusted gold, I’m adorned
I left my jewels at your front door

No I love you, I need you
I never want to ever see your face again

It’s bringing me down
Falling in, falling out
Could this be what love is about?
To hate it but be unable to live without?
But faith means to never doubt

I don’t love you
I love your ghost
The times we shared, when I didn’t care
Life was a subtle blur, everything’s taken for
No crimes in a small town

I don’t miss you
I miss who I was
When I was incredibly young in the midst of it
Lost weight and my innocence
Too young to know consequence

It’s late at night, I’m putting on my
Makeup to cover up my under-eyes
And post pictures as disguise
And tell myself everything will be fine
Teardrops flow in my bloodline
But to love means to sacrifice

I can’t let it go
Lay with me in the road
Like Noah and Allie, oh
And promise me I won’t end up here alone
You know I hate that the most

I don’t love you
I love your ghost
Yeah I may miss you
But I miss me the most
When I boarded that plane
I forgot my own name
But true healing comes with age

I found someone who makes me feel safe
He treats me so well and loves me without pain
He lifts me off my feet
I finally feel that I’m free
So I forgive not for you, for me